Making profit from a crisis

What crisis?

Currently there are multiple problems such as interruption of the supply chain, lack of workers or delivery times, yet here we present the strategy to follow in your ecommerce 2021. Surely you went on vacation recently, or even just went to the movies , since finally, in the country or city where you live, it seems everything returns to normal. Even some people assuring that it is already a matter of the past, you turn to watch television or your favorite content creators, and the only thing you see is party, enjoyment, food and travel, so what crisis is being talked about? this thought is likely to come to mind.

First, you must understand the crisis that is about to begin, it is an economic crisis, and here along with some very interesting articles we will reflect on it, and we will provide you with our analysis in this regard so that by focusing on electronic commerce, you can reduce the leakage of money and obtain better profits in your business model, here is the strategy to follow in the current economic challenges.

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Opportunity to monetize your ecommerce in a big way

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Your ecommerce needs great solutions

Today, as you have read from multiple sources, shipping prices have skyrocketed, to a greater extent due to ongoing restrictions and regulations between various countries. This has caused the transport of loads to be slower and more expensive, and boy, nothing new, surely you already knew this.

Now in a recent WSJ article (read here), mentions that in order not to run out of products, large chains such as Cost, Walmart and others, have chosen to rent private charters themselves, which can store up to a thousand containers, and although it is not a cheap solution, it does solve the problem supply of goods in time now for the holiday season.

On the other hand, this means that we strongly suggest that you stop selling low-end products (less than 50 USD), since the shipping costs and complications of the process will eat your profits. The most advisable thing is that although, you continue opting for these products, you include high-end products (greater than 500 USD), not only will your profit be greater, it will now be easier to cover the shipping costs.

Also, your effort will now be focused on getting fewer customers, instead of trying to make a hundred sales for a few dollars.

Opportunity to monetize your ecommerce in a big way

Since last year, practically all the media and economics specialists have been saying that the recovery of the economy will be gradual but steady. With a behavior in V, or in the worst case W, with some falls but with a clear tendency to improve.

Even in a recent WSJ article (read here), even in a recent WSJ article (read here), this theory is supported by providing figures on consumption in the United States in recent months, however contrary to what is pointed out in the article, this expenditure could be only temporary.

Because of the current euphoria of many people to feel a relief to return to some extent to their daily lives after long months of restrictions. This causes them to have a natural desire to finally enjoy some vacations or buy something expensive.

Something that the article does not mention, is the massive indebtedness during the time of COVID-19, and if we include that prior to that period, there were already red numbers, it is predictable that the current money is only limited its flow caused by the supports and excitement of the current buyer.

All of these events are actually beneficial to you, or at least should be. Since it means that if you adjust and focus on your business model during this period, you will be able to capture a lot of that flow of money spent by consumers.

Therefore, it is imperative that you really take the next few weeks or a couple of months very seriously if you really want to monetize this opportunity.

Find your emerging niche in ecommerce

In our vast experience, dating back to 2013, we have seen quite a few mistakes made by newbies and not so novices trying to do e-commerce, one of them being to focus on products that are already quite popular and chosen by the vast majority, you know, of style, cell phone accessories, computer accessories, etc., which is not a mistake in itself, the mistake is to stay stagnant and not continue to progress.

according to different sources, such as these WSJ and CNBC articles report (read here and here), Although there is an apparent fairly generous job offer of 10 million positions, there are still 7.7 million unemployed, at least in the United States.

There are enough theories in this regard to explain the reason for this strange phenomenon, from some arguing that although there is a lot of job offer, they are poorly paid positions.

Others than others mention an over job offer, which is true, it is a tendency for many people to give themselves the opportunity to make drastic changes in their lives, perhaps driven by the difficulties of last year, reaching a current breaking point where Within this chaos, they have decided for the first time to try that undertaking, job, or passion that they had forgotten for years. Since it is quite common to find people who changed an office job, for now a more flexible virtual job.

This, curiously, has created, or rather, build new ecosystems, previously unthinkable, now it is quite common to see people broadcasting through Twitch, or creating communities and even tournaments around a video game, the key is to specialize in one or more Of these new niches that are emerging, it is not enough just to know superficially, it is necessary to become a specialist.

In fact, this is another common mistake among our customers, who ask us for “suggestions” or “recommendations”, without understanding that even with such information, it would be useless, because they do not know which product is good or bad in their field, or who they are the competition or how to compete in the market.


Everything indicates that it will be a period in which current challenges can be monetized, but for this it will be necessary for your business model to be efficient, trying will not be enough, you must be able to incorporate what your competition does not do, and what a it is advisable to do so, since this boom period will be quite short.


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A record 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in August, led by food and retail industries

Biggest U.S. Retailers Charter Private Cargo Ships to Sail Around Port Delays

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