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The false claims about Mexico overtaking China

They use a truth surrounded by lies The division of the world into two economic blocks will intensify with the manipulation of public opinion, as an attempt to exploit it as an economic weapon. This strategy, used by economic hitmen, … Read More

5 strategies to make money without money 2023 in Mexico

Money is important Before I share with you five strategies to make money without money (yes, it looks like clickbait, but it’s not), I want to emphasize the simple fact, understand money is important. This will sound quite absurd, but … Read More

How to survive a recession in 2023

It is wise to be prepared Nowadays, everyone is warning about an upcoming recession, but little is discussed about the strategies to follow if that ever happens. Most people will lose their job or savings in the next following years, … Read More

Top 5 AI implementation strategies in business 2023

Discover the transformative power of AI for your business in 2023! Embracing AI unlocks a world of possibilities, enabling businesses to achieve efficiency gains, reduce costs, and boost productivity. By harnessing AI’s data-driven capabilities, you can make informed decisions and … Read More

Paypal number one but in devaluation.

The collapse of a successful company Paypal for many years has been known as the main payment gateway for electronic commerce, even by looking at the news you can verify this, seeing the overwhelming number of businesses that use paypal, … Read More

About the containers crisis from 2021

The delusional claims about the container crisis The current dominant narrative claims about the current containers crisis in the port of Los Angeles, and other ports, may not give you the full picture, the problem from this is the ones … Read More

Making profit from a crisis

What crisis? Currently there are multiple problems such as interruption of the supply chain, lack of workers or delivery times, yet here we present the strategy to follow in your ecommerce 2021. Surely you went on vacation recently, or even … Read More